Borders of Scotland and England

An area from Edinburgh in the north to the English border in the south. It has suffered from both incursions from the English and from border bandits. James II of Scotland finally pacified the area in the 15th century, when he defeated the powerful Border Earls.

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The violence, the stories of medieval wizards, the romance of the countryside, inspired the tales of Sir Walter Scott, who lived in this area. The tiny village of Coldstream is where General Monk raised a regiment of Coldstream guards in 1650 for Cromwells army. They are today one of the premier regiments in the British army

Lots of towns grew up along the borders, Hawick, Jedburgh, Kelso, Selkirk, Melrose. Each has its own history

A border town whose economy is based on sheep. Its sheep market sells some 250,000 sheep every year, and there are woollen mill s in the town. Wilton Lodge, beside the River Teviot, has a museum of Border Life, covering everything from rugby to natural history.
Another border mill town, rich in history. Destroyed by the English at the Battle of Flodden in 1513, the occasion is still marked annually in the town. It overlooks Ettrick Forrest and Ettrick Water, a renowned Salmon and Trout fishing stream. A few miles outside the town is Bowhill, the ancestral home of the Scotts of Buccleuch, which has an outstanding collection of Old Masters.
There are spectacular ruins of a ruined Cistercian Abbey, the victim of 14th century border wars. The nearby Priorwood Garden was the monks orchard, and now grows flowers for drying Just outside Melrose is Abbotsford House, the home of Sir Walter Scott. In an interesting mixture of styles, it houses Scott's library, armoury collection and other momentoes.
Dryburgh Abbey
Just south of Melrose, ruins of a 12th/13th century abbey, which was sacked by the English in 1322, and rebuilt later with help from Robert the Bruce. Sir Walter Scott was buried in the ruins, his funeral procession pausing at Scott's view nearby.
Floors Castle
Near Kelso, Floors is a Scottish Castle, which looks just like a French chateau. It was developed by Robert Adam in the 19th century, for the Duke of Roxburghe from an original plain 17th century house. Nearby is Kelso Abbey, the largest of the border abbeys, founded by monks from Chartres in the 12th century
Another town attacked on many occasions by the English. The huge ruins of the Augustine abbey dominate the town. Also worth visiting in the town is Queen Mary's House, a 15th century fortified bastle house, which is a museum to Mary Queen of Scotts.
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