Map of Scotland

There are a number of ways the visitor might like to look at Scotland - tourist area, towns, rivers or roads. These sketch maps give you a basic idea as to finding your way round

With time and distance, it is about 280 miles from John O'Groats to the English border, or 120 miles from Edinburgh to Aberdeen. But remember, with very few exceptions, the roads the tourist will want to use are narrow and mountainous. The road will be perhaps 50% longer than the direct distance, and you can expect to average 30 miles per hour. Whatever you may think, you cannot "do Scotland in a day"

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Distances in Scotland

miles kilometres approx driving time
Glasgow to:
Aberdeen 152 245 3hrs
Edinburgh 45 72 1hr
Fort William 106 171 2hrs
Inverness 177 285 4hrs
Perth 61 98 1hr
Oban 96 154 2hrs
Edinburgh to:
Aberdeen 131 211 2.5hrs
Fort William 136 219 3.5hrs
Inverness 162 261 3.5hrs
Oban 125 201 3hrs
Inverness to:
Ullapool 61 98 1.5hr
Thurso 116 187 3hrs
Oban 118 190 3hrs
Aberdeen 109 175 3hrs


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