Hadrians Wall,  Roman border of Scotland & England

hadrians roman wll arifact castle

map of Hadrians Wall

  1. Bowness on Solway
  2. Carlisle
  3. Pike Hill Signal Tower and Banks East Turret
  4. Birdoswald Fort
  5. Poltross Burn Milecastle
  6. Carvoran Roman Army Museum
    Interesting museum dedicated to explaining Roman Military life with reconstructions, life size models and audio-visual shows. The museum shows you the daily life of a Roman soldier based on Hadrian's Wall.
  7. Walltown and Cawfields wall and turrets
  8. Once Brewed
  9. Vindolanda Fort
    Fort and the civilian settlement that grew round it,with a full size reconstruction of a section of Hadrian's Wall in both turf and stone, plus a reconstruction of a full size Roman temple. The museum has rare Roman writing tablets (including an invitation to a party!) and a variey of other Roman artifacts.
  10. Housesteads Fort
    A fort right on the wall, the north wall of the fort actually incorporates Hadrian's Wall. Housesteadds is now the most complete Roman Fort in Britain. It has a Roman hospital   and superbly preserved latrines with a flush system  There is a also a good museum and spectacular views of the wall.
  11. Sewingshields Milecastle
  12. Carrawburgh, Mithraic Temple
  13. Chesters Fort
    Built to hold a garrison of 500 men, Chesters is the best preserved Roman Cavalry Fort in Britain. It is on the River Tyne, has a bath house, museum, and is open daily all year round
  14. Brunton Turret
  15. Corbridge Roman town, Roman Museum
    You will find here the extensive remains of a major Roman town and supply base for Hadrian's Wall. This town was on the main Roman road into Scotland. There is a good museum displaying artefacts from the site including the famous Corbridge Lion fountain head.
  16. Heddon on the Wall
  17. Museum of Antiquities
  18. Wallsend
  19. South Shields Fort and Museum




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