Duart Castle, Isle of Mull, Scotland

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Where is Duart Castle

At Craignure on the Isle of Mull. From the battlements you can see Ben Nevis to the north and Jura to the south

It is the home of  Sir Lachlan McAllen Bt. 28th Chief of the Clan Maclean 

The castle is open daily from May to October

History of Duart Castle

The name Duart means "Black Point"in Gaelic, and that is where it sits, dominating the Sound of Mull. The first castle was built here in the 13th century for the MacDougalls. The MacLean's got the castle in the late 14th century, and added the tower house.

The 11th Chief of the clan MacLean, is  remembered as the man who left his wife, Margaret, on the Lady's Rock, hoping she would drown. She was rescued by a fisherman and went back to live with her brother, the Duke of Argyll. Not surprisingly, Lachlan was later murdered in 1527, by one of Margaret's cousins, Campbell of Cawdor.

In 1588 the Spanish Galleon, Florencion, part of the ill fated Armada, was blown up by the MacLeans  and the unfortunate crew thrown into Duart's dungeons

Recently the wreck of a Cromwellian warship, the Swan,  which sank in Duart Bay in 1653 have been found in 40 feet of water. It was sent to pound the Royalist MacLean fort, but was sunk in a storm before it could do sod the pro-Royalist MacLeans.

The MacLeans had to leave the castle during the Jacobite rebellion as they were staunch Jacobites, when they retreated to the Treshnish Isles. Government troops then occupied the castle for some years., and burnt when the garrison left in 1756

Duart remained a ruin until it was bought back in 1911 by the 26th Chief, Sir Fitzroy Maclean. Sir Fitzroy, who had fought in the Crimea War, was over 70 when he restored the castle.

Duart Castle is now a clan shrine for MacLeans wanting to return to their roots

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