Order of the Thistle, Scotland

Order of Thistle, Scotland

Badge of the Order of the Thistle
"Nemo Me Impune Lacessit" (No one provokes me with impunity)

Founded in 1540 by James V of Scotland, who appeared to have been embarrassed by receiving the Order of the Garter from Henry VIII of England, and other orders from other European monarchs. He therefore set up his own prestigious order, called it the Order of the Thistle, and limited it to himself and twelve knights - based on Christ and the twelve apostles.

The order then lapsed as James V died two years later, the Scottish reformation took hold and groupings based on the 12 apostles were frowned upon.

It was revived in 1687 by James VII ( James II of England) who created 8 knights, and it is really from this date that the Order of the Thistle has a history. Queen Anne made the number of knights up to the planned 12 in 1703. She also changes a number of rules for the order

Today the order still exists, with Queen Elizabeth II at its head.

The badge (shown at the top) is worn by knights of the Thistle. It consists of, a cross with a star of four silver points on top, and over them a green circle bordered and lettered with gold, containing the motto; and in the centre is a thistle.The badge is worn on the left breast


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