Scottish Peers - the separate peerage in Scotland

Peerage in Scotland

In the arcane world of royal courts, everyone has to have their place. Scottish Peers take precedence over English peers of the same rank. There ranks are exactly the same as in England

  • Duke

The first Dukes in Scotland were the sons of  Robert III  in 1397 - his eldesDavid, Duke of Rothsay and his brother Robert, Duke of Albany.
  • Marquess
  • Earl

Anciently called Comes
  • Viscount

Was formerly the deputy of an Earl, now a title in its own right.
  • Baron

Dating back to the  Saxon title, Thane, which the Normans changed  Baron.

Priviledges of Peerage

The Peerage of Scotland in 1834 recorded the priviledges of being a peer

  • They could not be arrested for debt, nor could they be outlawed  Formerly their servants enjoyed the same privilege, but they were deprived of it by act of parliament in 1770.
  • They could only be tried by their peers in criminal cases, in a court erected for that purpose.
  • There was a law by which any man convicted of making a scandalous report against a peer (even though true) would be condemned to pay an arbitrary fine.
  • Lord Kingsale is the only peer who has the privilege of being covered in the royal presense without permission.

I am not certain which of these are still on the Statute Book. Certainly being a peer did have its privelidges


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