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tossing the caber

  • pipers
  • dancers
  • and perhaps most typicaly the unique "heavy events"
Tossing the caber
The caber looks like a telephone pole. It ranges in weight from 30 to 120 pounds, and can be anything from 12 to 19 feet long.
To "toss the caber" the contestant lifts the pole vertically and rests it on his shoulder. He takes a few steps forward, then flips the caber up and forward. The idea is to spin the log so that it falls straight ahead. This event requires tining and skill, and is not just brute strength
Each contestant starts with the lightest, shortest caber, and if they sucessfully toss that, go on to the next size, until either they are eliminated or they win

The Stone Put

Like the conventional Shot Put, only a stone is used instead of a metal shot. Men throw a 17 pound stone, women a 11 pound stone. The technique is different too from athletics, the putter must keep one foot stationary, and cannot move across the throwing circle.
The world record for a stone put in this Braemar style of putting is around 63 feet

Weight For Height

Here the metal weight (56 pounds for men, 28 pounds for women) has to be tossed, using one hand only, over a high cross bar

Weight For Distance

A hammer type of weight (28 pounds) has to be thrown one handed over as long a distance as possible. The thrower is only allowed one and a half revolutions of his body before releasing the hammer
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